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The only place to

Store, Verify and Share your important information

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You'll be using an ENCRYPTED state of the art solution designed for professionals and individuals who frequently need to Store, Verify and Share important information

save time

Stop running around looking for documents, copying them and having to post, or worse, carry them around with you.
That's so 2020! 🤦‍♀️


Do it once, Do it right. Stop chasing documents you or someone else misplaced.  Saving paper and ink is money in your pocket. Shh! The planet will thank you too 🌎

save  stress

Everything at your fingertips. Easy to load, Easy to find when you need it most. Instantly produce the right document at the right time.

Waste time wisely, relax 💚

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Be a part of a world first approach

It's the Digital version of the WHO Yellow Book


Alert system for upcoming vaccinations and other important events

No more photocopying

Easily upload and share important documents, from immunisations to CV's you're covered.

Easy to use

User friendly smartphone App for individuals.

Easy to see where you are up to

View your important information at the touch of a button.

Store data for your whole family

Coming Soon - ability to store data for dependents

No matter where you are OnePassport is always with you

The convenience of digital with the privacy of paper

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Allied Health and community

Allied Health




ao Ryuu

"With everything else smart phone based so glad I can stop having to carry paper records for work. So much easier and ready to share when I need to do so.."

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Features and Benefits

  • Applying for a new job? Design elegant CV's FREE straight from the App
  • Need to show your ID? Store, manage and share easily from the App
  • Met your CPD points or being audited? No problem, all your evidence right where you need it
  • Add information anytime, anywhere
  • It's free to download in the Apple and Android app stores and online
  • Take a picture of important documents on your smartphone and upload them
  • Drop-down menus make it easy to view vaccinations, test results and anything else you might need


"All my employment information in one place and that's all I need. But I can also store my health information and important documents. Brilliant and simple."

Our Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

It's free for individuals to download and use.


Where is my information kept? Is it safe?

All data is encrypted and stored securely on servers held within Australia. Click here for more security information.

Is it easy to use?

Yes it is specially designed for you. download the App then all you do is upload the information from your GP or immunisation centre.


Can OnePassport send data through to the Australian Immunisation Register?

Yes, One Passport has a dedicated connection with the Australian Immunisation Register



The OnePassport | Profile App is easily accessible on your mobile device

Simply download the App for free and start adding your information

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