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About OnePassport

OnePassport | Profile an app designed to store and share verifiable information securely.

The OnePassport | Profile App stores important information and allows people to access it quickly and easily whenever they need it.

OnePassport | Profile keeps the people you serve safe by making it easy to store, verify, manage and monitor workforce compliance and immunisation status.

OnePassport | Profile gives organisations confidence that compliance is covered whilst reducing costs and administration time.

OnePassport | Profile manages people compliance.

OnePassport | Profile The power of a digital record with the privacy of a paper record

Why OnePassport | Profile?

Failures in workforce compliance have resulted in terrible outcomes for patients and residents in health and aged care.

With the onset of COVID, it’s more important than ever to be able to track and monitor a variety of compliance items.

We know there are other systems that keep compliance information but none of them allow individuals to share verified credentials and immunisations directly to their HR record where it becomes live reportable and visible data.

Your OnePassport system removes the stress and worry associated with failure to comply for organisations and ensures that individuals have the information they need at their fingertips.

Our Journey

The founder of OnePassport, Michael Maher, originally operated a business in the Aged Care sector providing training and education support.

His biggest frustration was the disorganisation of records with missing information or being out of date. He felt sorry for the admin staff trying to make sense out of all the dysfunction and the amount of time wasted which translates into money. To add icing on the cake, when an incident occurred it was really difficult to find where the problem started. Over and over again the problems grew and in some cases the vulnerable suffered injury or even loss of life.

Together with technology genius Sean Bennett the OnePassport system was created to meet the specific compliance demands of regulated sectors with employees who need to show this information in multiple places.

Today more than ever we need easy ways to share important information to prove we are who we say we are, we are qualified to do what we do and people can be assured that relevant safety checks are in place.

Now the brand has grown to cover nearly every industry body as OnePassport sees the issues today as opportunities for your organisation.

Meet the founders of One Passport

Michael Maher CEO

Michael Maher

co founder & Ceo 

Michael is an entrepreneur who focuses on the intersection of technology and the workforce. He has worked in this space in Australia, Japan & Europe; studied leadership & strategy in the army; is the author of Care Factor: Why building teams is the No 1 priority in Aged Care; is a Japanese linguist, and uses his connections and IP to support startups.

Michael is the founder and CEO of OnePassport and the Managing Director of the Aged, Community & Disability Network (ACDN). He has also been instrumental in setting up the Foundation for Workforce Innovation (FWI), an aged care support workers association. He is a former Board Member of Freemasons Victoria and Advisory Board Member of GlobalCQ

Sean Bennett IT co Founder One Passport

Sean Bennett


Sean manages software technology development and compliance teams as CTO for Stronghold, a San Francisco-based financial technology company connecting traditional payment systems with distributed ledger and blockchain protocols. As the AML/CFT Compliance Officer for the business, he also handles the implementation of Stronghold’s anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism programme.

Sean has been responsible for some of the first business cross-border transactions of sovereign currency over blockchain protocols, including founding the Stellar blockchain’s first ‘stablecoin’ provider, moving USD, AUD and NZD on Ripple and Stellar in 2014 as well as partnering with IBM to launch USD settlement on IBM’s Blockchain World Wire network in 2018. His continued focus on technology and compliance has led him from his native New Zealand, through Australia, to the cutting edge in Silicon Valley.

Meet The Team

Pawel Krawcyznski


Operations Director

Pawel is an energetic, motivating and professional Corporate Trainer, Mentor, Coaching Professional & Senior Sales Professional with more than 15 years proven experience in varied Coaching, Advising, Compliance, Governance and Training roles across a wide industry base. Capable of motivating and developing teams, strong appreciation for multi-level training, with instructive capacity to implement learning and training pathways to achieve corporate objectives.

Pawel loves the challenge of helping starting and growing businesses to make “Mountains back into Mole Hills” by utilising solutions focused coaching methodologies. His experience working overseas with non-native speakers gives him a unique ability to deal with individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds. In his spare time Pawel runs a small YouTube channel with his daughter where they focus on Travel and being ambassadors for their Polish background. He is involved with the Polish community in Brisbane and often is seen fundraising or promoting different events

Anjana IT Director

Anjana Wijesundara

General Manager - Information Technology

Anjana is a seasoned software solutionist with over seven years of experience in analysing and implementing state-of-the-art applications and Infrastructure solutions. He started his career as a Software Engineer and moved on to Consulting SAP and Salesforce solutions. Lately, Anjana is working on all three major cloud platforms (GCP, Azure & AWS) to utilise full use of cloud architecture to build better, more secure and fully automated SAAS platform solutions.

Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards

Executive Director Aged CAre & Health Care

Before OnePassport, Amanda’s roles have included Consultancy and Project Management, CEO and Executive Roles at Health and Aged Care Services. Working at all levels within organisations give her a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing HR departments, Executives and Managers of organisations–particularly those facing increasing scrutiny and regulatory compliance and a growing competitive employee market.

Amanda joined OnePassport because she knows first-hand the damage and pain to both organisations and people that a breach of compliance brings. Amanda believes that it’s not really about great software – it’s actually about protecting those most vulnerable in our community – our patients, clients and elderly. She’s all about solutions that save time and money whilst offering protection and risk mitigation. Amanda’s a country girl at heart living on a 125-acre farm near Ballarat, Victoria where she and her family operate a horse hospital. When she’s not out helping clients she’s heading bush on her horses.

Who uses OnePassport | Profile?

OnePassport has helped over 5000 individuals store, manage and easily access their career related compliance information whenever and wherever they need it.



"I love my OnePassport App. For the first time I feel organised. I saw a job that I knew I’d love. I used my OnePassport and had a new resume at the click of my mouse. They wanted copies of my qualifications which I could also send off from my App. It was so quick and easy."

OnePassport systems are used by Hospitals, Aged Care homes, Community Services, Education and Security organisations to protect those they serve.



"We’ve finally moved into the 21st Century! OnePassport has drastically reduced the tedious task of data entry. We no longer need spreadsheets and more spreadsheets to manage our staff immunisation data. Even better, staff can keep their own records and share them with us."

The OnePassport App is easily accessible on your mobile device.

Simply download the App for free and start adding your information.

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