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The free version of OnePassport provides great value with its CV builder and printable Immunisation certificate. We're always looking for ways to support our users.  

Right now you can purchase a National Police Check or undertake Pathology screening relating to work or travel from within the App.

Going forward we will be releasing a feature enabling children to be added to a parent's OnePassport | Profile and a Pet Register.  

If you have any other ideas for us please use our contact form to let us know.  

The Problem: You need a National Police Check

You may require a police check for work, volunteering or licensing purposes.  

Whilst there is only one National Criminal Database there are many providers who have rights to undertake checks.  Ideally the company you choose can provide a verified check within as quick a timeframe as possible. You also want to choose a reputable, stable company that has strong encryption and ethical practices.

The Solution:

At OnePassport we've done the research for you. We interviewed a shortlist of providers and chose CV Check to be the provider of verified checks for our users.  CV Check are Australian owned and provide a large number of checks using the latest technology. They keep private data private and safe.  They are a good fit for OnePassport and for you.


Simply click on the CV Check Icon on your OnePassport App dashboard and follow the prompts 

Your Police Check will be sent through to your OnePassport | Profile.

The Problem: Covid Tests and Personal Health Screening

Covid testing has become an unfortunate reality of life. The issue with testing is that the result is delivered by SMS and can easily be copied and altered.  

Some of us also need to undertake other health screening pathology for our jobs. Doctors and Nurses for example need to check vaccination levels for Hepatitis B and other employment related diseases to ensure they are sufficiently protected within the workplace.  

The Solution:

OnePassport has partnered with Healius Pathology to undertake testing and send a verified result to your OnePassport | Profile.  

Great evidence for travel or other activities requiring proof of test results.

With more exciting features coming.  Soon you will be able to add your vaccinations and other important information for your children and pets making it a one stop shop for all your important document storage.

The OnePassport | Profile App is easily accessible on your mobile device.

Simply download the App for free and start adding your information.

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