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Cleaners can use OnePassport too

OnePassport | Profile for Cleaners

Today more than ever we've seen how important the role of the Cleaner is. 

Cleaners have been critical frontline workers in the fight against COVID 19.

Cleaners are trusted with access to high security facilities, hospitals, aged care homes and often move from place to place to undertake their important work.

Increasingly Cleaners need to show their credentials and vaccination status at their workplaces.

OnePassport makes it easy to store, keep and share this information whenever and wherever you need all from the convenience of your phone.

OnePassport | Profile gives you a safe, secure place to keep all your important compliance information, as well as your training records in one place. 

You can store your:

  • Employment History
  • Qualifications
  • Registrations and Endorsements
  • Background checks - (Police, WWC, Blue Card)
  • Immunisations
  • Continuing Professional development
  • Visa and Residency Information
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Why use OnePassport | Profile?

  • Keep copies of your documents in your OnePassport | Profile as well as verified information from independent sources.
  • Whenever you need to access them simply open your App and send it via email, or directly share with organisations that have the OnePassport system in place.
  • OnePassport | Profile also pulls your information together to produce an elegant, up to date Resume you can share to apply for new jobs or study.
  • Turn compliance into a selling point for you with employers by being able to instantly show your trustworthiness through your documented evidence. 

The OnePassport | Profile App is easily accessible on your mobile device.

Simply download the App for free and start adding your information.

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